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Appraisal Factors

When we appraise your domain name we consider many factors, including the following five:

1. Market-size. What's the most profitable use for this domain name and how large a market potential is there? How large will the market be on the web during the next ten to twenty years? What is the potential for indirect sales, such as advertising revenue with generated traffic to websites for this purpose? 

2. Market-share. How many better domain names exist for this use? What is the likely market-share for the web site based on competing domain names.

3. Characters. Length of the domain name. Shorter is generally better.

4. Fondness. Memorability, including likeability and TLD*. How it sounds when pronounced (phonetics).

5. Clarity. Unambiguousness of spelling, including pluralizing and TLD*. That is, how likely are customers to misspell your domain name when typing it?

(* .Com domain names are generally easier for users to remember, more browser-friendly and they show market-share leadership. They are generally worth 10 to 50 times the price of the equivalent .net domain, depending on use. .Org, .tv, .cc, and others have diminished value.)



Our appraisal is the price we estimate the domain will most likely sell for in the next six to twelve months if it were advertised (such as being listed on GreatDomainNames.com). It is based on the rights to the domain name only. It does not include any other associated assets, such as an existing business or website.