FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I purchase a domain?

Simple process.


If I buy a domain, how long may I keep it?

Forever. Just be sure to pay the annual registrar fee. Registrars charge about $15 annually for renewal.


How LONG does the transfer process take?

The registrar transfer process takes approximately 5 business days.


If I buy a domain name, will I have TOTAL CONTROL of the domain?

Yes, you will be the sole owner. You can run a business, post a web site, sell it, rent it, or simply direct type-in traffic wherever you like. You can have an infinite number of email mailboxes, as provided by your hosting ISP. And each domain name is unique, so no one else will have the domain name you buy. Your internet location will be unique. Or you can just keep your domain name for investment purposes, and sell it at a later time.


If I later decide I don't want the domain name, can I sell it?

Yes, you can sell the domain name you have bought at any time to any one. Often, your investment will have appreciated. Domain names are expected to appreciate on average about 20% per year. We may be interested in buying back a domain from you in the future.



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